Monda Holidayparks

Staying in an accommodation

  • Comfortable accommodations
  • At three vacation resorts
  • On the water


The accommodations of Monda Vakantieparken are scattered across three different waterfront resorts. You will always have complete and comfortable accommodation in a unique location in Friesland, Gelderland, or Flevoland. Are you going sailing on Lake IJssel, or would you prefer walking through the Veluwe? Anything is possible at Monda Vakantieparken!


At Soal Beach Resort, guests can enjoy the ultimate luxury in our stylish and comfortable apartments. These apartments have been designed with an eye for detail and offer an elegant stay on the waterfront where guests can relax on their private balcony and enjoy the view of the IJsselmeer. Extra luxury? Choose an apartment with a sauna! Did you know that our apartments are also accessible for wheelchair users?


For those looking for a vacation in nature, Veluwe Strandbad vacation homes offer the perfect combination of comfort and privacy. Surrounded by the Veluwemeer, guests can enjoy spacious and fully equipped vacation homes where they can feel at home while being surrounded by the tranquility of the surroundings. Extra luxury? Choose a vacation home with a sauna!


Aqua Centrum Bremerbergse Hoek presents a unique experience with safari tents and beach homes. Opt for an adventurous and glamorous experience in our luxurious safari tents, complete with modern amenities and a touch of luxury in the middle of nature. On the other hand, our nice beach homes offer direct access to the beach so you can enjoy the ultimate vacation feeling by the water.

An impression of our accommodations