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Are you looking for a last-minute holiday at the water? Stop looking, because you can find the greatest last-minute getaways in The Netherlands at Monda Holiday Parks. At Monda, we have three holiday parks at the water. Aqua Center Bremerbergse Hoek and Veluwe Beach Elburg are located at the Veluwemeer and Soal Beach Resort Workum is located at the IJsselmeer. This makes our parks very suitable for those who love water (sports). You can enjoy a last-minute stay at the most beautiful accommodations or at the greatest camping pitches. Spend the night at a beach house, bungalow or chalet, for instance. Our parks have all kinds of different facilities, including a marina, a beach pavilion or a swimming pool. Can't you wait any longer to go on vacation? Go ahead and book a last-minute holiday at the water!


Overview of our parks ⤵ 

    Aqua Centrum Bremerbergse Hoek

    At Aqua Centrum Bremerbergse Hoek you have a beautiful view over the Veluwemeer & access to a safe marina

    Veluwe Strandbad Elburg

    Veluwe Strandbad is located right by the Veluwemeer. Here you can relax on our sandy beach and use the indoor swimming pool or the bowling alley. 

    Soal Beach Resort Workum

    Soal Beach Resort is located by the IJsselmeer. On the water you can go surfing, sail a boat, enjoy some swimming, or just relax on the beach.  


Going on a last-minute trip to the Veluwemeer

You've come to the right place at Monda Holiday Parks for a last-minute holiday at the Veluwemeer. Our park Aqua Center Bremerbergse Hoek is located right at the lake and has a private marina and beach. You can book a last-minute accommodation including a beach house or a hiker's cabin at this park. You can also go camping at our comfort pitches with a view of the Veluwemeer. Our park at the Veluwemeer is Veluwe Beach Elburg. At this park, you can spend the night at a bungalow or at one of the spacious camping pitches at the water, including during a last-minute stay! Among other amenities, this park has a swimming pool and an entertainment team during peak season. Both parks are ideal for water sports enthusiasts, and you can go canoeing and surfing among other activities. When will you book a last-minute getaway to the Veluwemeer?


Discover our last-minute holiday parks at the Veluwemeer and the IJsselmeer ⤵


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Frequently asked questions about a last-minute holiday

🌊 Where can I find a last-minute holiday at the water?

You can book the best last-minute holidays at Monda Holiday Parks. We have last-minute holidays at the Veluwemeer, at Aqua Center Bremerbergse Hoek and Veluwe Beach Elbur. In addition, you can also book a last-minute getaway at the IJsselmeer at Soal Beach Resort Workum. We have various last-minute accommodations at the water.

🐾 Where can I book a last-minute holiday for me and my dog?

If you want to go on a last-minute holiday in The Netherlands, we understand you will have to make arrangements for your dog, which can be tricky at the last moment. That's why you can just bring your dog along to our pet-friendly campsite at the Veluwemeer or Aqua Center Bremerbergse Hoek or Soal Beach Resort Workum at the IJsselmeer. When will we see you and your dog?